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About Our President

Carrier Contracting Services was founded from the very beginning, as an IMO designed BY an agent, FOR agents.  It is very difficult for many in this industry today to TRULY understand where agents come from, as many of those folks never had to experience insurance sales from the aspect of today's typical agents who struggle to put food on the table.  They seem to spend more of their time BRAGGING about their success, as opposed to actually SHOWING their agents how they have personally been in the same shoes, and what worked for them as agents.

Our President, Jason Arnold, first started in the financial services industry in the 1990s. He spent many years as an accountant and financial "guru", and eventually accepted a position as the VP of Operations for a group benefits insurance firm (with the purpose to grow their business by going "behind the scenes"....not by selling the product itself).  He successfully TRIPLED the annual revenue in just 2 short years, by utilizing his leadership and creative skills to re-brand and overhaul many aspects of the business, all without making a single sales presentation (ok, so he's a bit of a nerd).  It was here that he found his calling to settle into the insurance industry to some capacity or another, and if you've ever had the experience of speaking with him, it's no surprise as to why.  He is all about helping others become successful, and using his experience in such a way.  And yes, he can certainly talk your ears off with his knowledge of all the carriers and their products!  Many agents have claimed that they learned more in one phone call with us, than in all the phone calls combined, with their current/former IMO  (Too many "experts" in this business claim to be willing to help agents, but having more than a 5 minute "brain picking session" with many of them is a feat within itself.  It's as if you aren't worthy of their time, unless you are already writing large amounts of business under them).

At one point, Jason made the decision to go out on his own (in an effort to essentially be rewarded for all his hard work, instead of making others rich, who simply sat back and did NOTHING). In doing so, he learned very quickly that IMOs weren't all practicing by the same set of rules.  He discovered how several of the IMOs he encountered seemed more designed like a pyramid or MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) scheme, whereas the "guy at the top" does the least amount of work and seemingly makes the most money, while the "guy at the bottom" (the agent) did the most amount of work for what seemed like the least amount of money.  Even worse, he caught many such IMOs in a variety of lies designed to make themselves look "bigger" or "better" than their competition, only to realize the hard way that words only go so far, but actions are where it counts.  

The initially difficult decision to go out on his own, resulted primarily as a father of a newborn special needs child whom he refused to spend 60-80 hours/week away from. Little did he know, it was a mere precursor for what was to come.  Jason started out initially knocking on doors, not by buying leads or being duped into a "lead program". After all, most agents today who start out in this business, don't have thousands of dollars to invest in leads (or a rich Daddy to help them get a foot in the door).  After a long period of time spent learning this business from the ground up, Jason achieved the level of success necessary in order to take it to the next level.  

Upon realizing the need for IMOs out there who TRULY cater to the agent, Jason founded Carrier Contracting Services.  After initially starting with just a handful of carriers and agents, and by staying true to the goals set forth as an IMO, Carrier Contracting Services has seen tremendous growth in the past several years.....Most importantly, without losing focus on the reasons behind it's founding.  Some agents say "I've never seen recruiting emails from your company.", and the reason for this is because we believe our growth is best achieved WITHOUT buying email marketing lists of agents who never "opted in" (basically those who violate the CAN-SPAM Act while at the same time saying "Hey, you can trust us!").  We believe that growth by "word of mouth" is the best way for ANY business to grow.  

Agents have consistently noticed and likewise commented how much they respect the way Carrier Contracting Services sets itself apart from all the other IMOs in this industry. Most notably by being straight-forward, not sugar-coating any carriers or lead sources, and most importantly, taking as much time as deemed necessary to ensure it's agents are best prepared to succeed in this business.  Our promise to all of our agents is to continue operating in the future, as we have since day one.  

Feel free to contact us with any other questions you have.  You can also peruse our business principles found on the Home Page of this website, or our Frequently Asked Questions page.