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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I become appointed with one of your carriers?

A:  It's simple.  Just select the "OUR CARRIERS" option from the above menu, then click the link on that page which says "click here to begin the online contracting process".  You can also contact us directly and we will gladly email you the direct link for the system.

Q: What level of commissions are available?

A: The available commissions vary by carrier and product.  However, we are almost always able to provide the contracting agent with street level or higher for most carriers. 

Q: Who do you recommend for Guarantee Issue Whole Life?

A: There are a number of Guarantee Issue Whole Life carriers available, nowadays.  However, we have found that GERBER LIFE has the BEST rates (by a noticeable margin!).  When writing such a rate-sensitive product as this, it is VITAL to make sure you are selling the client the BEST rate, the FIRST time around.  If not, it's a matter of time before they'll likely purchase the BEST rate from a DIFFERENT source.  So, why put yourself at such a risk of chargeback?  It makes NO sense, and any IMO telling you otherwise should be ethically ashamed of themselves.  If that's not enough, companies like Gerber do a LOT of direct advertising (mail, TV, etc) for these types of policies.  Our agents who choose to sell the higher-priced products have reported MANY times that the customer who cancelled their previously purchased policy, did so because they "received something in the mail with a cheaper rate".  While we cannot force our agents to sell a particular carrier/product, we DO emphasize and teach them the value of selling the BEST option the FIRST time, as to minimize their risk of a potential chargeback.  It's just common sense!!

Q: Do you have any bonus opportunities available?

A: YES!  However, these vary by carrier and product.  Some bonuses which are available include:  New Agent Cash Bonus, Direct Mail Reimbursement, and numerous production-related bonuses and incentives.

Q: Do you offer advanced commissions?

A: YES! With most carriers, commissions are advanced up to 75% (9 months).

Q: Do you have any Medicare Supplement carriers?

A: YES! We have a large number of Medicare Supplement carriers available.  Contact us for more details.

Q: If we are an agency, or are already established with agents of our own, can we still contract through one of your carriers, while keeping our hierarchy intact?

A: ABSOLUTELY!  We are able to offer contracting for those in this position.  Furthermore, we encourage "agency building" for those who wish to grow in such a way.  Everybody must start somewhere.  We simply believe in doing our part in providing the tools with which to grow and be successful in this industry.

Q: What types of products are available from your carriers?

A: We have made it a point to select the best, most competitively priced carriers, spanning across multiple product choices, including: final expense, annuities, term life, whole life, medicare supplements, dental/vision, disability income, and critical illness/cancer.

Q: What sets you apart from other IMO's?

A: Our motto is "The RIGHT Way...For a Change".  We were once fallen victims of so-called IMO's whose only concern was signing up as many downline agents as possible, regardless of whether or not the contract levels were in line with the rest of the industry.  We understand that making money is great, but not having the sales support when you need it most......well, it simply prevents the agent from closing as many sales, thus significantly impacting the amount of money they actually make.  We always respond to agent emails within the hour, if not sooner.  This is not just during normal business hours, but also on evenings and weekends, as sometimes sales take place at all times of the day and evening.

Q: Do you offer FREE leads?

A: There's no such thing as a "free lead" in this business.  However, we have a couple of carriers who have lead crediting/bonus programs of their own for agents.  If you would like details, please contact us and we will gladly provide such.  Many of our agents have experienced great benefit from such programs.  We still firmly believe, however, that the best leads are those which the agent creates.  Make no mistake, in that we definitely provide valuable tools and information to help agents in their prospecting for leads.  Furthermore, we encourage all our agents to work as a team, in helping one another with anything from a good lead source, prospecting idea, or simple moral support.

Q: How do your agents get paid commissions?  Do you require us to assign our commissions to you?

A: Agents are paid commissions directly from each carrier.  We do not require agents to assign commissions to us, as it simply makes no sense to do so.  Why would we touch money that is ultimately yours?  We believe anyone who does so, must have other reasons.  It's your money, you should get it directly from the carrier.