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We are an IMO specializing in the assistance of all agents, both rookies and veterans, as well as many agencies, in the area of contracting/appointments, sales support, underwriting support, and several other aspects which are vital to the sales success of independent life insurance agents.  We have agents located across the country, in several different states, targeting a wide variety of markets.


Everyone!  Particularly those who have ever experienced any of the following as an agent:

•  You place an urgent call into your IMO or upline support personnel at 5:01pm, only to discover that they've gone home for the night or weekend.  Nonetheless, you leave an urgent message requesting information on the best way to write a prospect for whom you're currently trying to write a policy.  Unfortunately, your IMO lives by the Mon-Fri 8-5 work shift, and therefore, doesn't receive your email or voicemail until the next business day.  By this time, you've lost the chance of a sale.

•  You submit a new application on behalf of a client.  When you attempt to contact your IMO 3 weeks later (after realizing the insurance carrier shows no sign of ever receiving the application), you never get a call back, thus leaving your client hanging in the air, while you attempt to track down the application.  Low and behold, after another week goes by, you find out that your IMO's "assistant" had a dead car battery, which "somehow" delayed processing and submitting your client's application.  (Yes, this actually happened to an agent of ours, while with his previous IMO.)

•  Being told that since you are a "captive agent", you are assigned a "territory" in which to sell.  You are restricted to this area, without an opportunity to sell products from other carriers, or to expand your market in an effort to increase sales and income.

•  Being mislead by some MLM operation into believing you'll make over $100,000 your FIRST year as an agent.  Then discovering that as you work hard to make your measly 50-80% commission (as opposed to 90-120%), someone above you is collecting a chunk of your commission, while YOU do all the work!!


•  We realize that the purpose of an IMO is to serve as a direct line of support between the agent and carrier.  If an agent has a need related to sales or prospecting, they should be able to rely on their IMO to assist, particularly when the carrier may not be reachable (such as during evenings and on weekends).

•  We almost always respond to an agent's phone call or email within 30 minutes, if not immediately.  This is no different during evenings and weekends, as we understand that many times, agents have to set sales appointments during those days and times.  With today's technology regarding the mobile capabilities of an office, there's never an excuse as to why an agent must wait until the following day for assistance with an immediate need.

•  We believe in personalized attention.  We make a point of learning your target market, in order to ensure you have the best carriers and products available when prospecting for business.  We never play "favorites" with any carrier.  If they want the business, they should focus on offering the best product at the best price.  Additionally, we learn about our agents and their strengths, as well as any weaknesses.  We encourage all of our agents to work together when possible in order to help each other with prospecting ideas and anything else that can help us all achieve greater sales success.  Just because you're independent, does NOT mean you're on your own!!

•  Same-day underwriting risk assessments.  We understand that there will be times when even the most experienced agents will come across an individual with a complex assortment of medical ailments, past and present.  It is nearly impossible to memorize every medical underwriting guideline from every carrier.  Therefore, in the event an agent is in need of a last minute assessment regarding the best carrier & product for their client, they can always count on us to offer immediate assistance in regards to helping them determine the best fit for the situation.  Many IMO's simply say "Send in this risk assessment form, and we should hopefully have a response in 2-3 days."  However, we understand that sometimes you don't have 3 days, let alone 3 hours to get a response, without jeopardizing a potential sale.

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